When is the Best Time to Visit Tanzania?

Tanzania, situated close to the equator, experiences distinct rainy and dry seasons. Most visitors prefer to travel during the dry seasons for better wildlife viewing and minimal chances of rain.

Rainy Seasons

  • Long Rainy Season: March, April, May
  • Short Rainy Season: End of October to mid-December

Visiting during the rainy seasons offers its own unique advantages. The countryside becomes green, lush, and spectacularly beautiful, with growing crops and abundant food and water sources for animals. While you will see plenty of wildlife, the sightings might be fewer compared to the dry seasons.

Dry Seasons

  • Peak Tourist Months: July & August, mid-December to early January

During the dry seasons, the weather is mostly rain-free, making wildlife viewing much better. National Parks tend to have the most visitors during these months. If you want to witness the iconic Migration crossing the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti, plan your visit for August or September.


The best time to visit Tanzania depends on your preferences. For lush landscapes and fewer tourists, the rainy seasons are ideal. For optimal wildlife viewing and experiencing the Great Migration, the dry seasons, particularly August and September, are the best.

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