Mahale Mountains National Park


Mahale is located in the Western Tanzania to the South of Kigoma town, it is bordering Lake Tanganyika-the World’s longest, second deepest and least polluted freshwater lake-harbouring an estimated 1000 fish species.

The park is famous among visitors because of holding an abundant number of chimpanzees. In addition to chimpanzee, Mahale is heaven for other primates. The beauty of the park includes rivers and waterfalls and white sandy beached around the shoreline of the Lake.

The wild adventure leads through the misty forests. During these walks hikers also have the chance to spot other animals such as roan and sable antelope, warthog mongoose, and sometimes even lion and leopard. Crocodiles are also known to live in the park but rare.

Here you can also spot Tanzania’s densest population of primates like red colobus, yellow baboon, red-tailed monkeys and vervet monkeys. Hippos can also be witnessed in Lake Tanganyika, swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Home to almost 355 species of birds, the park is also famous as birders paradise. On the sandy beaches of the Lakeshore visitors can spot pelicans and different storks as well as malachite kingfishers, pied king fishers, fish eagles Livingston’s turacos, narina trogons, crested guinea fowls and blue cheeked bee and many more colourful birds.

The lake also harbors over 250 endemic fish species. You can also get the chance of snorkelling in the shallow waters of the Lake and swim with the multi-colored fishes.

Mahale Mountains National Park Info

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